Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dating a Swedish Girl

I know many guys who are always complaining that having a date or even contact with a Swedish girl is difficult. As a matter of fact I think it is wrong. Swedish girls are just like any other girls or women in the world who want to meet interesting and charming men. It is the feeling and respect for the girl that really counts and not how much money you got nor how expensive clothes you wear.

A few things though are necessary to consider. As a matter of fact the tips I give below are based on my expereinces here, interviews and vibes from friends. I am going to be straight to the point. If you really want to meet someone here then you have to consider these things.

In short:
Never patronise the girl or put her down. If you do, you are probably sure not see her around again. Why would she put up with that?
Sweden is probably the most clean country in the world, also the people. Basic hygiene is a must .

Be real. Be proud of where you come from and who you are. If that is not good enough for a girl - is she really good enough for you?
There is equality between men and women in Sweden: When you want to meet a girl then always keep that in mind. Men are not superior in Sweden as they might mistakenly be in the social structures of other parts of the world. I personally think women are the most amazing and beautiful creatures in the universe.

Basic hygiene: Hey guys, this is common sense and my mum always told me to smell good when you wanna meet a girl. Smell good, wear clean clothes and good shoes. You should have some fresh clothes and some deodorant. To avoid an embarrasment (and to secure a second date) buy one today and they cost nothing.

Tell no lies: I have had friends who think pretending they are from USA, UK, Jamiaca, France etc will attract a girl to them. Sometimes guys ridicule themselves because they say they are from USA and they cannot even speak basic English or speak with a real accent. It does not work. If you are from China, Cameroon, Nigeria, Indonesia, India just say it and stop constructing stories that will not help you. It does not really matter to a lot of girls here -all they care about is you and what you really stand for. And that you are not a liar. "Good liars should have good memories". Watch out guys and girls.

Be yourself also means relax and do not try to play a comedy of being somone else. Ask your self for how long you can play your comedy. There comes a day that you have to account for all that. Just relax and be yourself. Anybody who loves you should love who you for who you are. One thing you can keep in mind though is that in Sweden people do not really talk loudly to each other in conversations and they usually talk one at the time. Listen as much or more than you talk!

As you respect your own country and culture you should also show respect for hers. If she is Swedish - do not critisize Sweden a lot as a lot of foreigners here do. Maybe you think people are more sociable in your country and so forth, but keep the negative thoughts of Sweden to yourself for a while. What would you think if she would start talking badly about Africa or wherever you come from?

Be a man and be confident. It is normal to have sweaty palms, though. During my first date with my wife I was lucky it was in winter so my hands where cold and the sweat was inside but brothers, was I nervous and took some deep breaths to relax. Remember - women are also nervous when they meet someone for the first time.
Where does one meet a girl in Sweden? Well, where do you meet a girl in your country?
The most usual places here are through friends, at your workplace, in the club or through the internet.
I hope my dating guide helps you to double your dating in Sweden.

Good luck and happy dating!