Monday, June 23, 2008

No more free education Sweden soon

If you from a non - European nation and you have admission to study in Sweden you should better hurry up for it will cost you double soon.Fees will soon be implemented in Swedish Universities. I will encourage you to get those funds and get to the university before it is too late.I came myself to Sweden because they had free education and i have written much about it on this blog.(search in blog).The education is good but having a job and learning a new language can be a real challenge

The Swedish minister of Higher education has been given the go ahead to implement and develop a system that will allow Swedish Universities to take fees from students of non- European Union Students.The amount and date has not yet been set but it just a matter of time now.They are already working on it.
From an earlier investigation the estimated that the fees will be about 80 000 sek per year.Anyway that has not been confirmed.If it is confirmed it means that to study in Sweden you will need to have to show an account of more than 160 000 sek(1 year.).

I do not know how the Swedish minister is thinking. He compares Sweden to USA and England. There is only one thing to compare between them.Its the education quality factor but there are many variables that play in the life of a student in a new country.
It is easier to intergrate and get a job as a student and after studies as a graduate in USA and England.Its damn difficult here in Sweden except you are the engineering field.

I do not know how many parents in the world that will be willing to cough out more than 200,000 sek for a child to study in a country where it is difficult to intergrate, get a job as a graduate or a student, must learn the language and other main stream societal difficulties? On the other hand you can get all these named above for same price in UK,Canada and Auatralia. Anyway to stand these challenges will depend on individual people.

However i still thank Sweden for offering free education to me and gave me the chance to fulfill a dream.If you want yours to fulfilled , when you get that admission letter better hurry up before you pay a double price.