Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life and opportunities after studying in Sweden

Sweden offers free education and when you come to Sweden as a student it is good to study and get your degree. It is always good to have a degree and increase your intellectual capacity. It will always help you some where someday. Having a degree from a European university opens many doors of opportunities in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia for those who search for them.

After studying in Sweden you can apply for jobs in Sweden or other European countries such as England, Germany, or may be Canada ,USA etc.. depending on what you studied and what languages you can express your self in. The more languages you know the better for your chances.

I always recommend to people that ,if you want to get a chance in Sweden then you have to learn Swedish .They are no two ways here. If you are an engineer you can get job without knowledge of the Swedish language.If you do not want to learn Swedish but you want a career job the you have to apply for jobs in other countries. They are European scholarships that foreign students can get when you are enrolled in one of their universities.

For me personally i have a masters degree in international marketing but my chances of getting a job here is very minimal because there are no real career jobs for marketers in Sweden except you have had a lot of experience some where else. They are more jobs for computer and electrical engineers.

My advice on this issue is that when you are in Sweden get your degree and look for jobs all over Europe if you want a job out of your home country. If you want a career in Sweden then you must learn the Swedish language and you know it is always free of charge of charge.
Good luck