Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A small detail about getting a Swedish visa

I have been getting mails about visa issues on Sweden from many of my African brothers and sisters. I thought about writing something about it and giving some details people neglect when they are applying for a visa.

The point i want is that if you are applying from a country which has a poor postal system , you might loose your reply or may never see it. One thing that is true and certain is that after applying for your visa the Swedish authorities will and always send you a decision. There is no argument about that. If you do not receive a reply then you have to check out with the nearest post office or the address you were to receive your reply from, if in case you used somebody else´s address. Maybe the post address you used became inactive.

The number to call for your reply should be active and reliable and easily accessed. i think you should buy a mobile phone and keep it active and wait for your reply. You will always get that call and you will know the immigrations decision.

My advice on this issue is that you should try to get a reliable, stable and active postal address and telephone number that is functional so that you can be sure to get a reply and know their decision. You can use a company´s postal address as your recipients if you have a friend or family member working in that company. The reply address and telephone number is a small detail that is very important and should always be considered. How will it be if you can loose you life´s opportunity just because of a simple postal address or a missed call? The ball is now in your court.
Good luck!!