Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The new work permit law in Sweden

Many people have been asking me about the new work permit law in Sweden that implementation started on the 15th December 2008. Its really an interesting law because the government is now realising that its time to soften up those old rules and let people with skills get job permits in Sweden.
Another thing here is these jobs should have been announced in the whole of Sweden and EU and the employer has no choice but to employ a NON EU immigrant and that is where you can see the real aim of the program.It is actually to to let companies employ highly skilled engineers from other countries easily.

If you an immigrant and already got a job or doing some unskilled job somewhere and think that with that job you can get a work permit because of that then read on and understand what this is all about.I always encourage others living and studying here and wish to work here to learn the swedish language and become really good in what you are studying.If you think you are ligible for this kind of visa then ask yourself what skills you really have that some company will want to invest in you? If you got no skills or got them but doing some unskilled job in another field then you better drop that now and upgrade you skills and begin to apply for real jobs that warrants some skill learned.With that said you might get an employer that really wants to invest in you.I am ready to answer questions about this but here is a summary of the conditions to apply.

Here is the new law
EU/EEA citizens, Swiss citizens, their family members and people with long-term resident status in another EU country are not required to apply for a work permit. There is more information on our website under ”EU/EEA citizens”.

Other foreign citizens who want to work in Sweden must have a work permit. A residence permit is also required if the person is going to work for a period of more than three months. Citizens of certain countries must have a visa to work for periods of less than three months. See www.ud.se for a list of nationalities required to have a visa.

What is required to get a work permit?
A person who wants to work in Sweden must have an Offer of Employment from an employer in Sweden.

The following are also required to be granted a permit:

The employee must have a valid passport.
The employee must earn enough from employment to support him/herself.
The terms of employment must be equivalent to those provided by a Swedish collective agreement or to customary terms and conditions for the occupation or industry.
The relevant union must be given the opportunity to state an opinion on the terms of employment.
The job vacancy must have been advertised in Sweden and the EU. Where should the employee apply for a residence and work permit?
The main rule is that the employee must apply for a residence and work permit in the country of origin or another country outside Sweden in which he/she resides. The permit must have been granted and the permit sticker affixed to the passport before entering Sweden. However, in certain cases, employees may apply for a work permit in Sweden.

People who may apply in Sweden:

Students with a student residence permit who have completed at least 30 higher education credits or one semester/term of postgraduate education in Sweden.
Job applicants who have received an offer of employment and who are in Sweden to visit an employer, and there is special need to begin the work immediately. The occupation must also be found on a special list, which is posted on the Migration Board website.
Asylum-seekers whose application for asylum has been rejected and the decision has taken legal force.
What applies to family members?
Family members of employees may be granted a residence permit for the same duration as the residence and work permit granted to the employee. If the permit is valid for at least six months, family members may also be granted a work permit.

The following people are considered family members:

Husband/wife, de facto (“common law”) spouse or registered domestic partner.
Children (under the age of 21) of the employee or his or her husband, wife, de facto spouse or registered partner.
Children over the age of 21 cannot be granted a residence permit unless they are financially dependent upon the parent. Note that the age limit for residence and work permits is 18 for family members of asylum seekers.

How much does it cost?
Most applicants are required to pay an application fee. The fee is SEK 2,000 for the initial application and in certain cases for an extension. When an application to extend a permit concerns the same employer or the same occupation the fee is SEK 1,000.

The fee is SEK 1,000 for family members over 18 and SEK 500 for family members under 18.

How long is the permit valid?
If the employment is temporary, the employee will be granted a residence and work permit valid only for that period and for a maximum of two years at a time.

After 48 months, the employee will be eligible for a permanent residence permit.

What happens if the employee changes employers?
For the first two years, the residence and work permit is restricted to a specific employer and a specific occupation. For that reason, the employee must apply for a new work permit if he/she changes employers or occupations during the first two years. If the residence and work permit is extended after two years, it is restricted only to a specific occupation. In that case, the employee must apply for a new work permit if he/she changes occupations.

What happens if employment is terminated?
A residence and work permit in Sweden is always temporary. If the employee loses his/her job, the Migration Board may withdraw the residence permit. However, the employee may look for other employment in Sweden for three months after the date the previous employment ended.

If the employee does not find a new job during that period, the Migration Board may withdraw the residence permit and the employee must leave the country.

If the employee gets a new job and the current permit does not cover the duration of employment, he/she must submit a new application for a work permit. The Migration Board will then examine the conditions of employment by the new employer.

Rejection of an application for a work permit cannot be appealed.

Further information
For further information about work permits in Sweden, contact the nearest Swedish embassy/consulate or the Swedish Migration Board's Public Contact Unit.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The TooMuch Syndrome

You might ask your self what is the TooMuch Syndrome? What is this guy writing about? It is syndrome created by parents in developed countries who buy too many toys and offer too many choices to children in about everything.What i have noticed is that child even become more aggressive,arrogant and confused because of too much choices they have.Parents become friends to their children and when children take control .Children become confused and angry even though they got everything i call it the toomuch syndrome.May be they are adults who have this problem of obsession with things but things will always be things and we have to be parents from day one till when the relationship changes to an adult one when children move to their own homes.

Anyway parenting is not about buying too many toys.I think kids should have time to enjoy each toy they have and really make some connection to it before new one come in.They learn how to focus and appreciate things.
I will end by saying that after living in Sweden for all this years i see the Too much syndrome in many people and i ask myself if they do not get it.THINGS WILL NEVER MAKE US HAPPIER THEY CAN ONLY MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR US. I THINK THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE IS OUR LIVES AND BODY AND FAMILY.To get that balance we need to eat good healthy food,love , have a passion and have fun.

In a country like Sweden where basic needs of life is not really a problem it is easy for your children and your self to develop the TooMuch Syndrome.You can avoid it buying what is really necessary or needed and let your children grow and learn that things are not what that makes us happy because they are just things and you do not need to pay for happiness.