Friday, April 11, 2008

Financial aid for studies in Sweden

I have had a couple of comments on a post i made about financial aid for immigrant students studying in Sweden.Let me answer the questions they sent.
When i wrote that post last year on my blog the was actually a way to get it.It was in the form of a loan but with very low interest but you know some immigrant students from Asian and African countries abused it and the institution that gave out that financial support stopped it. Only Swedish student can get it now.
As a student in Sweden if you get a job you can get a small loan from the bank in the form of a credit card.For now there is no available scholarships or aid i know.Free education here is already like a scholarship.It is up to you to work your way out to see about your living cost here.I hope this post answers the questions i received.For more on education you can go to
Education in Sweden