Saturday, June 13, 2015

What it takes to get a job in Sweden.

It is not easy to get real job anywhere in the world. People employ you because they can make money and create value from what you know. If you are in Sweden and you are looking for job ask your self What skill do i have and why will somebody pay for it? If the you have no specific skill then you end up in the path of I know everything but really good at nothing or I will take what ever comes. This can be good for a time doing something that anybody can do. I can just stand in Centrum(city center) or some part of the town and shout i need people to work in my warehouse and all you need to do is move and sort stuff. I will have a very big list but if  i  shout i need to build an mobile application and i need some programmers. You might get nothing or a couple of people. Why?

  1.  The skill is specific. and the good thing is  it''s needed in the world and not only in Sweden. 
  2.  It takes years and a good education to become productive.
  3.  You can start creating value on the first day at your job 
  4. You can prove  what you know practically

 If you decide that you love Sweden and you want to live here, then invest some time(days or years) in a specific education that the society will need or is in need of. Because of the need of your service many obstacles like your language, your name and where you come from does not count. It just your skill and the value you are going to create in the company that counts.

Finally just learn to speak Swedish.This should be just obvious. Ask yourself how will it feel to meet a Swedish speaking your local language in your country? Its just makes communication and flow easy and if there is a good flow and skill you can get that job.