Friday, April 18, 2008

Applying for a visa to Sweden

A person who wishes to study at a university or college in Sweden for a period longer than three months must have a residence permit. The permit must be complete and entered into the passport before entry into Sweden.

A person who is in Sweden for a period of less than three months does not need a residence permit. However, citizens of certain countries must have a visa.

A residence permit for study purposes is time limited. Even if the period spent in the country has extended over several years you are normally not permitted to become a permanent resident in Sweden.

Countries whose citizens require entry visas

What is required to be granted a permit?
To be granted a residence permit for study purposes at a university/college in Sweden you must show that you:

have been enrolled for full-time study, i.e. 30 credits per term (Special conditions apply to doctoral students)
can support yourself for the whole of the plan­ned period of study
have comprehensive health insurance which is valid in Sweden if you intend to study for a period of less than one year.

How can I prove my capacity to support myself?

You should show that you have your support secured by means of verification of bank assets, a grant or in another similar manner. The support requirement is at present at least SEK 7,300 per month. If you intend to study for one year or more you must show that you can support yourself for 10 months per year.

Example: if you intend to study for:

18 months you must have SEK 109,500 (15 x SEK 7,300)
24 months you must have SEK 146,000 (20 x SEK 7,300)
If you can show, for example, that you will receive free accommodation and/or food, the monthly amount can be reduced.
If you want to know the exchange rate in your local currency,check it out here

Which documents do I need?
When you apply for a residence permit you must use the form Application for a residence permit for students and doctoral students, No. 105031.
You can obtain or order forms on this website.Application Forms You can also order by e-mail,, fax 011-15 66 91 or by writing to the Migration Board, Distributionen, 601 70 Norrköping. Forms are also available at Swedish embassies and consulates.

Enclose copies of the following documents:
A copy of your passport, showing your identity, the period of validity of the passport and any permit required to spend time in a country other than your home country.

A certificate stating that you have been enrolled for full-time study.

A certificate stating that you have comprehensive health insurance valid in Sweden if you intend to study for a period of less than one year.

A certificate from a bank confirming that you have funds of your own to support you
that you have received a scholarship or similar funding. Include details of the amount and during which period you will receive the money.
that you have received a study grant or a salary (only doctoral students). Include de­tails of the amount and during which period you will receive the money.
Please do not enclose any education certificates.

Please note that the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application could require further documents. Visit or contact the embassy or consulate for more information.

If a permit from a central bank or equivalent is requi­red to transfer money from your country, you must enclose such a permit.

Important to submit a complete application
It is important that you send in a complete appli­cation for a residence permit as soon as you have been enrolled in a programme. You can not expect to receive a decision in time for the commencement of your programme if your application:

is not complete
arrives at the Migration Board when there is less than six weeks remaining before commencement of the programme even if you received late notification of enrolment.

Can the permit be extended?
When you apply for an extension you should use the form Application for a residence permit for students and doctoral students, No. 105031.

You must produce proof of acceptable study results to have your residence permit extended. You must also confirm that you have received money regularly for your support during the time you have been in Sweden. This can be done by means of a bank statement or similar document.

You must also show that you have been enrolled for continued full-time study and that you still have your support secured.

Where do I apply?
You apply for the permit at the Swedish embassy or a Swedish consulate in your home country or in the country where you are a permanent resident. Swedish embassies and consulates

The application for an extension of your residence permit can be submitted to any of the Migration Board permit units. You can also apply for an extension of your permit via the Migration Board website or you can send your application by post.

Addresses to the Migration Board's Permit Units

What does it cost.
Permit for, for example, a visit, work or study Adult SEK 1,000
Most people are required to pay an application fee. You will also be required to pay a fee when you apply for an extension of your permit. If your application is rejected the fee will not be refunded.

Fees for applications and how to pay
How long is the permit valid?
You can be granted a residence permit for one year at a time during the period of your study. If the period of study is less than one year you will be granted a residence permit that is valid for the length of the period of study.

Am I permitted to work?
You are permitted to work during the same period you have a residence permit. You do not need a separate work permit.

Permit for relatives

Your husband/wife or partner and unmarried children under the age of 18 years can be granted a residence permit if they can show, among other things, that their support is secured. In that case they will be granted a residence permit for the same period as you. However, they are not permitted to work.

Who decides?
The Migration Board decides on a residence permit for study purposes. The permit must be complete and be entered into your passport before you travel to Sweden. You will be notified of the decision by the embassy or the consulate where you submitted the application.

Where will your application be processed?
First-time applications from students at universities/colleges are processed by four of the Migration Board's permit units. Where yur application will be processed depends on which university/college you have been accepted to.This unit will process your application.

Revoking of your permit
The Migration Board can revoke your residence permit if, for example:

you do not register at the place of learning

you discontinue your studies

you do not satisfy the support requirement.

If the Migration Board decides not to grant you a residence permit you can appeal against the decision within three weeks of the date on which you received the decision. The same applies if we revoke your permit. You send the appeal to the Migration Board. If the Board does not change its decision in line with your request the appeal will be forwarded to the Migration Court at one of the county administrative courts in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö.

If you have granted a person in Sweden power of attorney to represent you in the permit matter, he or she can prepare the appeal and submit it.

You can obtain or order forms on this website.Application Forms You can also order by e-mail,, fax 011-15 66 91 or by writing to the Migration Board, Distributionen, 601 70 Norrköping. Forms are also available at Swedish embassies and consulates.
If your documents are okay and convincing enough you get the visa. With the Swedish everything is pretty straight and done by the book.Do not forget that it might take sometime to get your reply.To make sure that you get your reply read this post i made about obtaining a visa to Sweden.
A little detail. You can also read more about education in Sweden on my website.You can check out the link at the end of this post. Education in Sweden
Good Luck!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sveriges Social System är bra

Jag kommer från ett land där vårt social system är vår familj. Det betyder att vi hjälper varandra så fort man kan. Familj handlar om alla dina mammas ,pappas familj och alla omkring. Ibland ser vi inte på närmarest sätt hur barn växer för att det finns många som kan hjälpa om man behöver hjälp om barnen.
Jag kom till Sverige för att studera men senare träffade jag min vackra fru och sen gifte vi oss och vi fick vår söta dotter. Jag var pappaledig i fem månader och det var en av den bästa tiden i mitt liv. Jag fick se hur ett barn växer på en nära sätt som jag har aldrig sett förut. Det var möjligt att jag kunde stanna hemma för att Sverige har ett bra social system som gör allt det här möjligt.
Man får mycket kärlek från barnen när man ger. Man är där och se hur alla förändringar hände.
Tack för att Sverige finns och tack för att jag har en vacker fru och ett sött barn.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting a job In Sweden

It is difficult finding jobs generally in Sweden. Sweden is not a haven for jobs. I would tell anyone coming to Sweden to prepare him or herself with a lot of pocket money for personal support before finding a job here. Sweden has one of the worst intergration policies in Europe when it comes to immigrants having jobs. The article can be read on Dagens nyheter in August 2003.

Work time is strictly 40 hrs a week and you must take vacation for four weeks every year.

Where to find jobs:

Government employment agency (Arbetsförmedlingen)Ams
Arbetsförmedlingen database link platsbanken Job service database(Platsbanken) , but note that there is always a requirement of the Swedish language (svenska) in the majority of cases.

Local and daily newspapers

Daily contacts with people

Ask people

Be open for anything from a start

If you cannot buy local and daily newspapers then go to the nearest public library (Stadsbiblioteket) and read them. You just have to locate it, get it and sit down and start reading.
You can also check on blocket.

Job recruiting sites or databases and register your CV for example manpower, proffice.
In bigger towns such as Stokholm and Göteborg you can be lucky to get English speaking related jobs. Some English related jobbs can be found on thelocal website.
If you can drive and you have a licence it can boost your chances of finding a job. To buy a second hand car you can visit Blocket website
Sweden is amongst the countries with the highest income tax of about 30%. For example if you earn 10000kr as monthly pre-tax income you will finally get about 6500 to7000kr as your income at the bank.

Easy jobs to get are unskilled jobs for example

Distributing newspapers (the local daily newspaper of where you are living)
Distributing advertisement papers or junk mails on weekends (Direkt Reklam)
Cleaning jobs
For Au Pair Work you can register on this site for Au pair service You can register on-line and they are really good and helpful in matching you to a suitable family.
For professional and skilled jobs you have to follow the same procedure and make your self a very good CV. For summer jobs you need to apply early enough as February and if you get a job you can start working between June and August if the company employs you.

You can get the addresses from the yellow pages (Gula sidorna).
For English Speaking jobs go:
Jobs in for those who speak english

Friday, April 11, 2008

Financial aid for studies in Sweden

I have had a couple of comments on a post i made about financial aid for immigrant students studying in Sweden.Let me answer the questions they sent.
When i wrote that post last year on my blog the was actually a way to get it.It was in the form of a loan but with very low interest but you know some immigrant students from Asian and African countries abused it and the institution that gave out that financial support stopped it. Only Swedish student can get it now.
As a student in Sweden if you get a job you can get a small loan from the bank in the form of a credit card.For now there is no available scholarships or aid i know.Free education here is already like a scholarship.It is up to you to work your way out to see about your living cost here.I hope this post answers the questions i received.For more on education you can go to
Education in Sweden

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stop the Critique on Sweden

I am really tied of immigrants who spend their time criticising this beautiful country.We leave our countries because of various personal reasons and when they settle down they start a prejudice about Sweden.
It is clear that Sweden can never be the way you want and will never be. Even Sweden is not the way all Swedish will like to be.So the question is how do you stop criticising Sweden and Swedish people and instead see it as a land of opportunity?I have done and may be you are still doing it.It's time for you think about your judgments and instead see into how can you to connect better with them.

You know i got a good lesson from my wife when she ask me how will i feel if she starts criticising Africans in Sweden and even the continent?I got it that day.The truth is Swedish will have more to criticize about some of us that we have towards them.

Sweden has a for me the best democratic and social system in the world and they make sure that the base of a societal growth education and health is free for them.If you have lived here you will know how clean and organise this country is.
Many of us immigrants did not grow up here and sometimes we do not even take the time to earn about the culture and language but you want your hopes and expectations to be fullfilled. What is Sweden expecting from you?I will end this by saying that no land and person is perfect but Sweden is a wonderful nation and if you wanna say something negative about it first look into yourself and where you came from. It`s a land of opportunity and you can become what ever you want if you set realistic goals with passion.
Here are some real helpful websites
Swedish dictionay
Living in Sweden