Thursday, June 04, 2009

Learning the Swedish Language

Many immigrants I have come across say the Swedish language is difficult to learn. Is it really difficult? Personally I do not think so. I think everything can be learned if the time, patience and motivation is invested in the learning process.It also depends on how you want your life to be in Sweden.Language makes live easy for you and others to communicate together. Learning a new language is always a bonus credit in life. The more languages you know the more you have easy contact with people if you are the friendly type of course.

I now lots of people studying at various universities and studying complicated mathematics and software engineering everyday.They say the Swedish language is difficult to learn and also barrier to get a job here if you cannot speak it.Its true in Sweden and everywhere in the world. Getting a jobs in Sweden takes more than knowing the language.But know the language gives you an edge over others who do not know the language.So learning the language is one step forward in getting a job.These guys will say is difficult to learn the language.I always ask them this questions.If you can calculate complicated stochastic processes,probabilities and write complicated code whats difficult to learn a language that just needs verbs and grammar?

"I love you"="Jag älskar dig"
"Hej" = "Hello" or "Hi"
"Kom" = "Come"


an example of a stochastic process involving mean reversion.
dP = h P (M - P) dt + s P dz
Where M is the long-run equilibrium level (or the long-run mean price which the prices tend to revert); and h is the speed of reversion.


C Program recursive function

int factorial (int n)
if (n == 0)
return 1;
return (n * factorial (n-1));

Which of these is easier to grasp directly?
You can make your choice? Anyway personally i think the language is easy to learn and the C program beautiful to write to solve a problem and the stochastic process boring.
If you really want to live in Sweden i encourage you to learn the language.It not difficult and it not easy.You have to make an effort.The choice is yours.