Friday, December 29, 2006

Sweden is not a dream land

Sweden is not a country you should have a big expectation about making money and having a good job.
When i came to Sweden i thought as usual like others from Africa that it was going to be a wonderful land with so much to explore and acquire.I came here to further my education with help from my country and i knew that i will have a constant flow of income from home. I also knew i will get a job the next day i get up from bed in Sweden if i just looked around.

However things did not turn out the way i thought. In Sweden it was difficult to get a job the next day as i had earlier thought. I got lucky one day to get a job as an advertisement newspaper distributor on weekends known in Swedish as Direktreklam in Swedish. This is a job for kids in Sweden to have pocket money.

I worked my ass in the cold winters on week ends and pushed my trolley for very long distances in the cold winters. I almost thought of going back to Cameroon someday when i had distributed the papers in the wrong district. I had to start all over.

I thought of the sun down there at home , hot spicy food and my family said to myself i have to get my degree and see what life hold for me. I am in Sweden pushing a trolley in winter for more that six hours in a day to be paid 120kr about 12 euro. You cannot imagine that is in Europe but it is even worse in other countries in Europe.

However there are many positive sides of Sweden as well, you need to stay positive about life and know what you want to be in future but do not expect to much when you are in Sweden.

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