Sunday, February 03, 2008

Passport prolongation for Cameroonians

After living in Sweden for over three years my passport was to expire this year. I had thought of travelling to UK or to France where there is are Cameroonian embassies respectively. After inquiring for a while i finally got information that prolonging my passport in UK or France will just be as difficult and bureaucratic like trying to prolong it in Cameroon. I ask myself what are this guys at the embassy thinking? Should´t this be just a simple process? Anyway it is Cameroon and everything requires bribe or an extra unaccountable charge.

I finally got reliable information and instead prolonged my passport in Denmark . I did not even travel to Denmark. I sent all the requirements by mail and got back my passport after 5 days prolonged by four more years .

If you are a Cameroonian living in Sweden and you want to prolong your passport, contact the Cameroonian consulate in Denmark. If you want an address and telephone number you can leave a comment with your email at the end of this message and i will send you an attachment with information on everything you need to do. I hope this information help you guys.


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Hey Mr. Ngala,

Good day. Please, help circulate the website of the Cameroonian students and Graduates based in the Netherlands out there:

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hello Mr NGALA,
could you please send me the address and email. my email is