Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stop the Critique on Sweden

I am really tied of immigrants who spend their time criticising this beautiful country.We leave our countries because of various personal reasons and when they settle down they start a prejudice about Sweden.
It is clear that Sweden can never be the way you want and will never be. Even Sweden is not the way all Swedish will like to be.So the question is how do you stop criticising Sweden and Swedish people and instead see it as a land of opportunity?I have done and may be you are still doing it.It's time for you think about your judgments and instead see into how can you to connect better with them.

You know i got a good lesson from my wife when she ask me how will i feel if she starts criticising Africans in Sweden and even the continent?I got it that day.The truth is Swedish will have more to criticize about some of us that we have towards them.

Sweden has a for me the best democratic and social system in the world and they make sure that the base of a societal growth education and health is free for them.If you have lived here you will know how clean and organise this country is.
Many of us immigrants did not grow up here and sometimes we do not even take the time to earn about the culture and language but you want your hopes and expectations to be fullfilled. What is Sweden expecting from you?I will end this by saying that no land and person is perfect but Sweden is a wonderful nation and if you wanna say something negative about it first look into yourself and where you came from. It`s a land of opportunity and you can become what ever you want if you set realistic goals with passion.
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