Saturday, February 06, 2010

How to get a visa to enter Sweden

I am going to develop and write a long essay about this issue.It will be based on real life experiences from those who have succeeded in getting different types of visas to Sweden .Here are some questions i am going to answer:-
How they did it?
What steps did they take?
Why some people do not get it?
Certain things to avoid ?
How life in Sweden is sweet but also tough.
I hope this helps. For now just follow the information from Swedish immigration Just do as they say and follow the instructions they give you on the web site .Let your documents be right and let them be sent to the Swedish immigration authorities on time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm looking forward to your post on this issue.

I also would like to mention that I enjoy reading your blog about your experience and life in Sweden. Your blog posts are very informative since I am interested in perhaps working in Sweden or visiting it first and experiencing life firsthand.

Keep it up!


bandari said...


I had browsed through your blogs about sweden. I wanted to appreciate you for the way you have taken life and made choices.
Also, your daughter is very pretty.

Have a nice day!


Kimm said...


I just had a visa to study in Vasteras. My planned date of travel is end of august this year. I am glad to join you guys soon as a "Johny just come". Please advice on who / how to make contact on my first day of arrival, as I donot know anyone untill now. My email


Anonymous said...

Hello.i just had a visa to study in Malardalen university.i intend to travel on the 23rd of this Month(August). I am very excited to meet u guys. Please i need some help in getting a student appartment as soon as possible and if possible someone to come pick me up at the airport.i will be very grateful if u guys could really help me out on this one.My email