Monday, May 07, 2012

How dare you stay indoors on a warm sunny summer day?

After living here for a couple of years you will understand why you should not miss the opportunity of enjoying a warm summer day by basking to the sun and getting some vitamen D. The Sweds do not take the Sun for granted and they make the best of it. After the long, cold and dark winters it is time for the blossomnes of nature to come out .The flowers starts blossom and the trees becaome green , people become more happy and happier as their smiles easily melts out. There is more life outside and every where. I have also learnt not miss this moment .I have to rush out with my kids and wife if i am home and be part of it else i might feel guilty of missing a very important momment and just letting it pass .What is funny is i always ran away from the sun and look for a shed like when I was in Cameroon.Any way there is a lot of sun in Africa and people get bored of it.Human like to place value for things they do not get easily. Here the sun is exotic and o wonderful moment not to miss. Any way if you are sensitive then get your sun protection on. So next time you see the sun and is a warm day it is time to rush out.In Sweden we do not take the sun for granted.

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