Friday, May 16, 2008

Immigrants and thier old habits

They has been a couple of reports about jobs and immigrants on how there are being forced, because of desperation to take jobs and get paid ridiculous salaries which are far less than the Swedish minimum wage. The terms of the job and conditions in which they work can only be linked to slavery. How can this be happening in Sweden? What i noticed was that they are immigrants exploiting immigrants. I do not understands why these guys will want to exploit a fellow immigrant and say that they are helping him. May be its just old bad habits of corruption in some immigrant from developing countries that just want to keep these bad habits going. Has these really worked?I really got shocked when i read about a well established business woman had embezzled money and employed lots illegally even though she could still have mad good money the honest way here.

It is really sad to know that some immigrants spoil our own image and by so doing letting the Swedish become suspicious about us.I always have this philosophy that you do not need to cheat ,embezzle or steal to be successful in this country.You can become very successful in Sweden if you choose the right business at the right time and if you have the right people around you.The road to success is clear and the doors are open.If you work hard you earn what you worked for and if you want to be lazy and live on social welfare sure you will be poor all your live and complain about Sweden. It makes no difference because you moved here and before you came they had their life so it's for you to make and do things that can make you better intergrate.If there is something you can get from this post, is that.

No matter where you come from keep you bad habits away and know that honesty and truth can lead to success in this society.It may be not one hundred percent sure but its about 80 percent sure.Enjoy Sweden and learn more about it.Its your choice and it your life.I know personally that things get better for you in Sweden when you just relax and connect with people.

Finally if you are an immigrant in Sweden and you are exploiting your fellow immigrants shame to you.I hope you get caught some day.On the other hand if you have just arrived in Sweden try to ask questions and meet people and do not be to desperate because some people take that as weakness and will make you more desperate.Remember cheating,exploitation,corruption and unreliability will get you no where in this country.Ninty nine days for the thief and one day for the owner and for the owner.

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