Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rapid Integration in Sweden

It is always tough at the beginning when you have just landed in a new country but sooner or later you can make it here if you got a plan and know exactly what you want and what your goals are.It is possible if you start taking actions that will make you integrate better and take some risk in trying to meet people and make connections as much as you can.

You can meet some people around you church or what ever.

You can date a girl
Dating a Swedish girl.

Check on line for jobs or companies that easily employ immigrants but do not let yourself be exploited with 20kr per hr job.

Learn the Swedish language always be yourself .Swedish language guide.

Be different from other guys and you do must not follow the crowd or do exactly what people from the same country like you are doing.

Set you goals clearly on what you what to achieve in the nearest months and start working towards them.

Visit the Swedish integration office of your town or area and ask the right questions

Good luck

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jayakishore said...

hi Ngala Talla
i read your was really good.i need an advice from you.iam aninternational student coming to halmsatd university for the master in IT programme(information technology).its ajoint degree by halmstad university and 3 other universities in germany,poland and denmark.i want to work in sweden after my studies.what all should i do to achieve that.they say its real hard to get jobs in sweden.can you help me.
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