Sunday, December 14, 2008

The TooMuch Syndrome

You might ask your self what is the TooMuch Syndrome? What is this guy writing about? It is syndrome created by parents in developed countries who buy too many toys and offer too many choices to children in about everything.What i have noticed is that child even become more aggressive,arrogant and confused because of too much choices they have.Parents become friends to their children and when children take control .Children become confused and angry even though they got everything i call it the toomuch syndrome.May be they are adults who have this problem of obsession with things but things will always be things and we have to be parents from day one till when the relationship changes to an adult one when children move to their own homes.

Anyway parenting is not about buying too many toys.I think kids should have time to enjoy each toy they have and really make some connection to it before new one come in.They learn how to focus and appreciate things.
I will end by saying that after living in Sweden for all this years i see the Too much syndrome in many people and i ask myself if they do not get it.THINGS WILL NEVER MAKE US HAPPIER THEY CAN ONLY MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR US. I THINK THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE IS OUR LIVES AND BODY AND FAMILY.To get that balance we need to eat good healthy food,love , have a passion and have fun.

In a country like Sweden where basic needs of life is not really a problem it is easy for your children and your self to develop the TooMuch Syndrome.You can avoid it buying what is really necessary or needed and let your children grow and learn that things are not what that makes us happy because they are just things and you do not need to pay for happiness.

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