Friday, July 18, 2008

Choosing your status in Europe

Many people in the developing countries think that money just flows in Europe and if you live here you must be rich and have lots of money. That is not really true. As a matter of fact they are very many poor and homeless people here in Europe . However they are not as many compared to the developing countries. I do not have time to back these with statistics.

If you are form any developing nation and you move to Europe , i think you can choose your status and the type of live you want to leave here and in the future.
You can decide to do stupid desperate jobs,suffer everyday and have a situation worse than even you had back in your home country ,feeding poorly and only saving money to send back to your home country.

You can also decide to sell illegal drugs and live a dark life but you will be caught someday for sure.

You can stand up intergrate yourself,enjoy your life, educate yourself and make the best of it and be as rich and have a high standard of living as any other European.

You should know that if you choose a way of live you choose the consequences and the outcome.Bad choices usually lead to a bad outcome and good choices usually lead to a good outcome.

I have divided those living in Europe from developing nations into three categories namely :-

1)The desperate ones
People in this group have no official papers to live in Europe and their situations are quite complicated and i usually have pity for them.They are very desperate and can do almost anything to get money for survival.I just hope things turn out good for them,

2)The dull and short sighted
This is the people that came to Europe through legal means and have official papers to live and work in Europe. These people want to make fast money and get rich fast.They will work and work.They might live about 10 of them in one room apartment and only save money to take back home which i think is good but they live a very isolated life of no intergration.I will describe them as staying in Europe but having living a life way below standard of that country.I think they are dull because there is more to Europe than just making money and living like packed sardines in a can.I think they can have a better status and create a very good image of us immigrants than reducing it and others seeing us as pathetic.I challenge you if you are in this group to get to next level and get a good education,intergrate yourself,have a good life and make good money.

3)The smart and intelligent
These are the people who think like me.Europe has a lot to offer so go for it. Get an education, get a good job, save money, get a good pension, buy a good house, enjoy and have good live quality , make real money like Europeans and get respected in this society and even when you go back to your home country. These people know what they want and they are long - sighted and they usually make it. This category ends being the richer ones with higher status and most secured group financially and socially.

You can ask yourself these two questions . What category am i in ? What is my status and what do i want to achieve here in Europe?

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Anonymous said...

Ngalla.I fully agree with you on your point.Another point I want to make is that we have another set of people in Africa who though rich but decided to migrate to Europe or America because of the assumed more secured and stable environment.I learned of a man in my country(Nigeria)who converted his liquid asset($1m) and migrated to USA because he got tired of the poor infrastucture which made living in Nigeria a big challenge.
Regards to your