Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to the university

I have not posted for a long time now because i am now studying computer science (Datavetenskap) at the university.I always wanted to be a computer engineer and this dream of mine finnaly came true when i got admission for the program entirely in swedish and partly in english.I worked very hard to get the requirements for an entrance into the university.I had to do lots of maths in the swedish language but anyway maths is maths and i had really great support from my darling wife .Without her support and care i do not think i would have made it through.

The truth is there is no short cut to make money or get a good job in Sweden.You have to be good in something and the opportunity is there for you if you have the will, motivation and determination to study free of charge in one one thier excellent universities.I will keep on posting on issues i think are important and will like to get ideas on what you guys want to know.I always say good things do not come easy.


Elna said...

Found your blog by chance,sounds like you are very happy in Sweden and thats good.I am married to a Swede and we are moving to Sweden next year, i am applying to do my masters in Lund,will i also have to pay the fees when introduced even if iam married to a Swede as Sweden will become my permanent residence? Hopefully you can answer my question as you have a wealth of knowledge of the Swedish system. Thanks G

Elna said...


Forgot mention my name,Grant,Elna is my wife. Hope you could help answer my question.
Good Luck with your studies
Grant G

Ngala Talla said...

Hello Elna,
Thank you for your comments.Fees is only for students from countries out of EU.If you have a perminent stay in Sweden or resident permit based on a newly acquired relationship you in Sweden you do not have to pay fees.Basically its for those coming here with a student visa.
When i get updated i will write more on this issue.